quill pens quills with label

Quill Pens

with custom label or packaging

museumshop wooden ballpens and pencils

wooden ballpens

with logo print

HB pencils with logo text print

Regular Pencils

with logo print

velvet flocking furry moss pencils with logo print

velvet pencils

with logo print

museumshop pens and pencils

pens & pencils

with logo print or label

Pens & Pencils


Pens and pencils, with logo printed on the pencil or pen, or with a logo label attached to it. 


Custom Printed Pens & Pencils

A ballpen or pencil with a text or logo will remind the user for a long time. We offer text or logo printing in any solid colour. See the product pages for more details.


Pens & Pencils with label

Present your museum souvenirs in an attractive way; nicley presented in a display, with a custom printed label with your text, barcode or logo.